Our Story

The Birds and The Bees Farm is a story of a city boy and a country girl who settled in the small town of Jerseyville, Ontario.  Back in 2015, the farm started with a flock of 6 heritage breed chickens.  Fresh eggs in the morning were a wonderful treat.  Sharing eggs with some family and friends, the word started to get around and the requests started to come in.  Soon, 6 chickens were not enough and the flock became 8.  By 2016 there were 23 chickens with several varieties in the flock.  Our feathered friends enjoy roaming around the farm and trying to help (and usually get in the way) with the day to day chores.  One of their favourite activities is digging in any freshly cultivated or mulched garden.

With a year of experience under our belts, we took on our next two challenges.  Maple Syrup and Honey!  We looked around the farm in the fall of 2015 and found several sugar maple trees.  A Maple Syrup starter kit and a drill allowed for 10 taps to be installed in late February 2016.  The first year we collected about 400 liters of sap....WOW!  A homemade evaporator was created using and old filing cabinet and restaurant heating trays.  Then we boiled.......and boiled.......and boiled.  At the end of all the boiling, we had 10 liters of a very sweet, dark maple syrup.  That was lot of work, but it sure was relaxing sitting next to the wood fired evaporator after a cold winter.

The Maple Syrup operation has see some upgrades in the years since.  A new to us evaporator drastically lowered the hours of boiling time required and more taps increased the volume of sap each year.  A sugar shack completed the upgrades.  We are now able to make a golden coloured syrup that is winning awards at local fairs!

An of course there are the bees.  What started as an idea of helping the vegetable garden increase its yield with some pollinators, quickly became a passion.  The first year saw 2 bee colonies on the farm.  Both did very well and one even split itself and swarmed!  We were able to catch the swarm and now had 3 bee colonies going into our first winter.  Over the next few years, the number of hives kept multiplying.  In 2019, 20 bee colonies were busy making honey.

As with most farms, the winter is a time to relax a little bit and fix up equipment.  While looking for some new projects to do, the custom farm shirts came to mind.  Our first shirt "All Hives Matter" received a number of compliments and chuckles.  Dreaming up new, funny and witty farm gear slogans continues to be something we look forward to each winter.

With all this honey and maple syrup and our fun Farm Gear, we have had the privilege of sharing with many people.  We can often be found at the Binbrook Farmers Market from about Labour Day until Thanksgiving.  We also attend many bazaar's and other shows in the fall and winter each year.  Check out where you can find us in the Upcoming Events Page.  We can also always be contacted at info@thebirdsandthebees.buzz